Education of the 21st century.

Learning happens anywhere, anytime. This changes the role of schools. Traditionally a knowledge institute where people mainly "broadcast", the frameworks of a school and learning are becoming increasingly broader. Learning and education is about people. We are of course talking about pupils, students and teachers, but also parents, alumni and professionals from the neighbourhood. Together these people form an inspiring learning network. At least if we manage to visualize and use their knowledge and capabilities. The use of the knowledge and skills of people inside and outside the school during learning is also referred to as: Community Based Learning (CBL)

Community Based Learning

Community Based Learning is part of the broad DBL vision on learning. People are central here and learning becomes an activating and exciting adventure. On the basis of challenging projects, we learn soft and hard skills by doing challenging projects. During these projects, students encounter challenges where they can make good use of the knowledge and skills of others. In order to work well with others and to put their knowledge and skills to your advantage, networking skills are crucial.

“Network Skills”

We are all familiar with the SLO model for 21st century skills. How does this model relate to networking skills? The term combines a number of skills that together help with “networking”. Examples of these skills are: communication, self-regulation and cooperation.


Klik is the network platform for schools. Klik connects all the knowledge and skills of the people inside and outside your school with the students and teachers. Klik makes searching for inspiration easy and safe.
Klik goes beyond just a platform with nice headlines.On the basis of training courses, network coaching and your own accessible network, Klik helps you to deploy CBL widely within your school.

Network platform

Find people inside and outside your school to help you, your students or colleagues get the most out of the learning experience.

What are the opportunities for CBL?

  • Study choice
  • Career orientation guidance
  • Getting students to step outside their comfort zone
  • Deepening and broadening within projects
  • Binding students to a specific sector or study program
  • Insight into the question: What do I actually want to be when I grow up?

Klik trainingen

Community based learning is mainly about doing. We will help you on your way or go deeper together during our training courses. This is how we help you and your team to implement CBL within your education

Netwerk coaching

Each school receives a personal network coach from Klik who helps you set up and deploy your own network.

Curious about the possibilities within your school? Schedule a no-obligation introductory meeting and learn more.